Things to do on the Zambezi River

[dropcap type=”square” round=”yes” color=”#f5f5f5″ background_color=”#477010″ ]T[/dropcap]his magnificent river flows through 6 different countries in its way to the Indian Ocean journey of around 2700 kilometres. The river starts about 1500 metres above sea level in the Mwinilunga District, very close to the border of Zambia. It then flows through Zambia, Angola, Namibia and Botswana before tracking back along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It finally ends in the delta in Mozambique and courses into the Indian Ocean.

It is a river which is mostly unexplored and holds a spiritual and majestic value in the lives of the communities that live around it. The river is a true spectacle for the visitor and there is a lot do in and around this feature of Zambia.

Adventure Activities

Here are some ideas to get you started on your visit to the Zambezi River:

The Kuomboka Ceremony is an annual event that should not be missed if you find yourself anywhere near the Zambezi in late March or April.  An entire village on the Zambezi floodplains in Western Province migrates up river in a grand ceremony that is quite something to be a part of. Click here for more info (link to Section of Traditional Ceremonies)

River Cruises on the Upper Zambezi   

Devils Pool The experience of Livingstone Island with a picnic and then a swim in Devils Pool on the very edge of Victoria Falls will be something you will never forget. Please bear in mind that this is a seasonal activity as water levels need to be safe for visitors.

Zambezi River rafting perhaps one of the most popular activities on the river. Bear in mind that some of the rapids are challenging, but you will be accompanied by a guide. Grab a group of friends or your family and spend a fun-filled day tackling the great Zambezi.

Wave boarding and surfing this one is for the serious enthusiast. River boarding is done on the same section of water as the river rafting. For the surfers out there, this is a great opportunity to surf a river!

Jet Boating experience the power of these extraordinary boats which are able to carry 11 passengers. An experienced driver will take you through the white water rapids and twist and turn in mere inches of water.

Bungee jumping if adventure icon Bear Grylls can take the plunge off the Victoria Falls bungee, then this is your chance to do the same. The 111 metre drop is sure to get your adrenalin kicking. If this doesn’t sound like something for you, try the Gorge Swing or Rap jump further down the Gorge.

Fishing with tiger fish, a variety of bream, Kafue pike and Vundu catfish found in the upper Zambezi River, and Chessa, Nkupi, Bottlenose, Cornish Jack and a variety of Bream found in the Lower Zambezi, there is plenty of fishing to be done. Fishing trips spanning a number of days can also be organised by various operators.

House Boating on Lake Kariba. The Zambezi runs into the wide Zambezi Valley and is held up by the massive hydro electric dam wall creating a vast lake offering watersports, fishing and house boating.

The Lower Zambezi beyond the dam wall widens to a spectacular array of channels, frequented by elephants, buffalo, hippo, crocodiles and waterbirds. Here you can take a canoeing safari or river safaris with one of the lodges in the Lower Zambezi National Park.


The Zambezi is a vast and captivating river. It draws many tourists each year to explore the  exciting and interesting things to do. See the Victoria Falls page or the Livingstone page for other activities surrounding the Zambezi.