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This landlocked, peanut-shaped country is situated in southern-central Africa and is unique in its own right. The country offers visitors an authentic African experience complete with a variety of internationally-acclaimed national parks that boast indigenous wildlife, restless rivers, towering waterfalls, adrenalin pumping adventure sports and a variety of fascinating cultural activities.

Spend your evenings enjoying the spectacular site of the world’s largest waterfall – the Victoria Falls, while sipping on sundowners after an exhilarating day of white-water rafting down the mighty Zambezi. If that sounds a little too adventurous for your taste, and you’re more of a reflection on the water kind of person, take a river cruise down the Lower Zambezi wand watch wild elephants drinking at the riverbank, or try your hand at catching the elusive tiger fish. Another firm favourite is walking through the land of the leopards in South Luangwa; from camp to camp experiencing nature by foot and exposing your senses to a world of a bygone error.

How ever you choose to spend your time in this unique country, you’re bound to leave with a heavy-heart and a desire to return to this exceptionally beautiful Southern African country.

Here are some suggested packages for your adventure into Zambia, designed by one of our trusted operators – Navigate Africa Safaris.

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African Pitta Tour

The African Pitta Tour is tailored towards birders and bird photographers who are keen on seeing and photographing this rare species

Barotseland Tigerfishing

This tour is five nights, giving you four full-days of serious fishing in some of the best ‘tiger country’ on the planet.

Island Trail Canoe Safari

The Island Trail Canoe Safari takes you on a four-day, nature-lover adventure down the Zambezi River. You will spend your days floating along the quiet river viewing the wildlife, birds and beautiful sceneries, and enjoy your evenings camping under the milkyway

Lake Tanganyika Explorer

The Lake Tanganyika Explorer is the perfect opportunity to explore Lake Tanganyika at your own pace and leisure. The lodge is built on a forested slope ending in their own secluded and private beach.

Livingstone & Chobe Adventure

Enjoy a luxurious three-night-stay at the David Livingstone Safari Lodge and Spa with this Livingstone and Chobe adventure.

Lower Zambezi and Livingstone

The Lower Zambezi and Livingstone is the perfect opportunity to relax and admire the rich and diverse flora and fauna on display in Zambia.

Lower Zambezi and Luangwa Photographic

This photographic safari will take you to two remotely yet iconic national parks in Zambia; accompanied the whole way by the highly-acclaimed and renowned wildlife photographer, Nelis Wolmarans.

North-West Bird Tour

Spend 11 nights on the North-West Bird Tour, exploring the west and north-west of Zambia. You will be hosted by an expert bird-guide familiar with all the species and habitats of this region.

Royal Fishing Tour

Spend four nights at Royal Zambezi Lodge, on the banks of the Lower Zambezi in the Chiawa Game Management area – right next to the Lower Zambezi National Park.

South Luangwa and Livingstone

This Lower Zambezi and Livingston tour will have you submerged in the African bush with safari tents, morning and afternoon guided game drives in the South Luangwa National Park, walking safaris

South Luangwa Mobile Walking Safari

Get in touch and personal with the African bush with this seven-day mobile safari which including a three-day walking safari, offering you exclusive access into the more remote and private areas of South Luangwa

The Kafue Explorer

The Kafue Explorer safari will give you a true taste of the Kafue National Park

Track & Trail South Luangwa Safari

The fully inclusive Track and Trail South Luangwa trip offers you the opportunity to explore the beautiful South Luangwa National Park – providing you with an unforgettable experience at an affordable rate.

Two Rivers Tour

Enjoy seven nights in two of Zambia’s most iconic parks with the Two Rivers Tour – Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa. This seven-night safari will give you a great taste of Zambia’s parks and all it has to offer.