Map of Zambia


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Kaingo Camp: -13.018458, 31.868515
Flat Dogs Camp: -13.099877, 31.778641
Shamba Lodge: -12.786556, 28.248030
Baines River Camp: -15.762619, 29.231727
Wildlife Camp: -13.084829, 31.795013
Mayukuyuku Bush Camp: -14.900995, 26.064956
Kanyemba Lodge: -15.937917, 28.931937
Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp: -16.279237, 25.918011
Kapani Lodge: -13.120609, 31.768291
Tena Tena Camp: -12.995196, 31.906843
Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka: -15.389500, 28.317100
Track and Trail River Camp: -13.084829, 31.795013
Island Bush Camp: -13.434500, 31.481700
Thornicroft Lodge: -13.089511, 31.800613
Royal Zambezi Lodge: -15.727590, 29.314986
Mwamba Bush Camp: -13.020280, 31.866893
Lion Camp: -12.814480, 31.956053
Zambezi Sun: -17.922597, 25.864900
The Royal Livingstone Hotel: -17.913246, 25.863335
Ndole Bay Lodge: -8.483196, 30.449889
Kafunta River Lodge: -13.128967, 31.736541
KaingU Safari Lodge : -15.297870, 25.978191
Chongwe River House: -15.702147, 29.332181
Chinzombo: -13.028642, 31.717100
Eureka Camping Park: -15.503425, 28.264400
Islands of Siankaba : -17.772228, 25.572996
Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma : -17.841158, 25.769971
Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge: -12.967089, 31.381588
Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp: -13.050048, 31.439695
Taita Falcon Lodge: -17.981246, 25.910871
Ngolide Lodge: -17.861603, 25.854862
Konkamoya Lodge: -15.865746, 25.881544
Reed Mat Lodge: -15.380474, 28.342107
David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa: -17.887957, 25.845245
Katuba Guest House: -12.957303, 28.640004
Fawlty Towers: -17.854436, 25.854606
The Lusaka Hotel: -15.419904, 28.281681
Chapa Classic Lodge & Tours: -17.836455, 25.861360
StayEasy Lusaka : -15.415216, 28.285117
Sausage Tree & Potato Bush Camp: -15.678494, 29.478279
Lilayi: -15.540857, 28.338362
McBrides\' Camp: -14.691314, 26.384170
Kayube Estate Zambezi River: -17.818946, 25.659357
Stanley Safari Lodge: -17.900600, 25.894450
Dream Valley Park and Lodge: -15.412214, 28.365187
Kabompo River Lodge and Campsite: -13.004558, 24.901671
Zikomo Safari Camp: -13.023783, 31.891817
Kariba Bush Club: -17.450017, 27.381657
Mfuwe Lodge: -13.079813, 31.790287
Bilimungwe Bushcamp: -13.388284, 31.570190
Kuyenda Bushcamp: -13.189477, 31.676277
Chindeni Bushcamp: -13.366239, 31.606185
Chamilandu Bushcamp: -13.316767, 31.639033
Zungulila Bushcamp: -13.316767, 31.639033
Kapamba Bushcamp: -13.316767, 31.639033
Tongabezi Lodge: -17.820803, 25.703758
Tafika Camp- Remote Africa Safaris: -12.855408, 31.997124
Chikoko Trails: -12.796107, 32.024454
Mwaleshi Camp: -11.962418, 32.343192
The River Club: -17.924353, 25.855894
Toka Leya Camp: -17.871088, 25.811081
Busanga Bush Camp: -14.205590, 25.835198
Shumba Camp: -14.218975, 25.871737
Chiawa Camp & Old Mondoro: -15.684404, 29.413504
Chongwe River Camp: -15.701429, 29.330092
Mukambi Safari Lodge: -14.977862, 25.992907
Victoria Falls Waterfront: -17.886907, 25.843054
Lake Kariba Inns: -16.537550, 28.704650
Mutemwa Lodge: -17.107220, 24.044900
Fleur de Lys Guesthouse: -15.459853, 28.383175
Luambe Lodge: -12.458837, 32.145034
Pioneer Lodge, Camp and Safaris: -15.395737, 28.450867
Lakeview Lodge & Chikanka Island: -17.270403, 27.464663
Grand Palace Hotel: -15.393889, 28.322361
Wasa Lodge: -12.554898, 30.295009
Shoebill Island Camp: -11.951032, 30.237330
Kasabushi Camp: -15.260107, 25.974124
Leopard Lodge: -14.547592, 26.483081
Waterberry Zambezi Lodge: -17.850031, 25.866611
Mukambi Plains Camp: -14.180512, 25.819417
Fig Tree Bush Camp: -15.000593, 25.817153
Ila Safari Lodge: -14.972783, 25.924412
Mama Tembo Cheza: -15.449714, 28.472261
Lower Zambezi Lodge: -15.751774, 29.268420
Mushroom Lodge: -13.095152, 31.794211
Matoya Fishing Lodge: -14.463257, 23.164438
Pinnon Lodges: -15.021694, 26.033633
Three Rivers Camp: -13.411365, 31.556418
Marula Lodge: -13.099279, 31.791274
Musekese Camp: -14.653600, 26.153735
lodge guesthouse camp hotel backpackers houseboat camping-2
Lodge Guesthouse Camp Hotel Backpackers Houseboat Camping

Areas of Zambia

The land that we today call Zambia, was once inhabited by ancient man more the 100 000 years ago. An evolving civilisation was well under way, long before European exploitation. Self- sufficient villages were around well before the 11th and 12th century when long distance trading began.

Zambia is divided into 10 provinces and 72 districts. Below are the 10 provinces and some of the highlights of each one, so you know what to expect from each part of this beautiful country:

Central- the province has 6 districts and the capital is Kabwe. Highlights of the province include Kafue National Park, Blue Lagoon National Park and the Kasanka National Park.

Copperbelt- the capital is Ndola and the province is divided into 10 districts. The mineral rich industrial area is home to no national parks but has highlights such as the Chembe Bird Sanctuary and Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage.

Eastern- 8 districts are present in the province and the capital city is Chipata. The province is home to some of Zambia’s (and Africa’s) most popular national parks including the South Luangwa National Park, North Luangwa National Park, Lukusuzi National Park and Luambe National Park.

Luapula- 7 districts are located in the province and the capital is Mansa. Named after the Luapula River, the province is home to Lake Bangweulu, Lake Mweru, the Luapula River and the now inaccessible Lusenga Plain National Park.

Lusaka- the province has 4 districts while the capital is also the national capital named Lusaka. Highlights of the province include the Lower Zambezi National Park, parts of the Kafue Flats and parts of the lower Luangwa Valley as well as parts of the Lunsemfwa River valley.

Muchinga- this is a newly formed province which is made up from parts of the Northern and Eastern provinces. The capital of the province is Chinsali. The introduction of a new province has been done in an effort to streamline local administrative structures.

Northern- The capital of this province is Kasama and it is divided into 12 districts. Places of interest include Lake Bangweulu, Lake Tanganyika, Nsumbu National Park, Mweru Wantipa National Park and Nyika National Park. The province covers approximately one fifth of the land area in Zambia and is the largest of Zambia’s provinces. There are more than 17 waterfalls in this province including the second highest in Africa.

North- Western- the north- western province has 12 districts and its capital is Solwezi. It is known to be one of the most sparingly populated provinces and is home to some incredible scenery such as the West Lunga National Park, the Busanga Swamps and the glorious Zambezi grasslands. The source of the Zambezi originates in this province.

Southern- Its capital is the famous town of Livingstone and the province is divided into 11 districts. It is home to one of Zambia’s premier tourist attractions, Victoria Falls, which it shares with Zimbabwe. Other notable attractions include the southern half of the Kafue National Park, Lake Kariba and Lochinvar National Park.

Western- it is one of the largest provinces by land area, but it is scarcely populated. The capital is Mongu and it has 7 districts. Main attractions include all the water activities found along the Zambezi River, the Sioma Ngwezi National Park and the Liuwa Plain National Park. A large area of this province is known as the Barotse Floodplains and many villages move to higher ground each year and return in the dry season to farm the rich soils.

Areas of interest on the map can be clicked on and explored further. Please see below for approximate distances between major cities and towns.

Zambia Distance Chart

Zambia Distances