Divided among ten provinces, Zambia boasts destinations that are rich in culture and history. There are five major cities in Zambia which include Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Livingstone and Chipata, but your opportunities are endless with more than 70 unique towns to visit in all.

If you are an avid explorer, in search of the next hidden gem, there are several monuments, heritage sites and lesser-known destinations that are bound to tickle-your-fancy. Are you a nature lover seeking peace and tranquillity? There are many excellent destinations to soak in the soothing touch of Mother Nature.

You can explore each of these different towns for different experiences, like visiting the famous, awe-inspiring Victoria Falls in Livingstone, or grab a life-jacket and buckle up for a river rafting adventure down the Zambezi. Not wild enough yet? Book a game drive and come face-to-face with some of Africa’s most dangerous and unpredictable wildlife.

With countless destinations that strive to cater to your every need, Zambia is the number-one destination for a memorable African experience.