Kariba Dam Wall – there are spectacular views over the Lake from the Dam Wall as well as down the Kariba gorge. A display describes the building and provides some impressive statistics.
Powerstation – an engineering achievement steeped in legend of trial and tribulation.
The Chirundu Fossil Forest – near Chirundu on the road to Lusaka there is a 150 million year old fossil forest exposed on the roadside. Stone Age implements can be found here indicating that the locals have used the fossliized wood to make stone implements.


The Tiger Fish is considered one of the finest game fish and specimens of seven pounds are not uncommon. The nutrients flowing from the town into the Lake sustains a productive habitat that attracts the fish making fishing in Siavonga a rewarding pastime.


Jet-skis, houseboating, sailing and water skiing are all available at Siavonga. A visit to Siavonga is incomplete without at least one sunset on the Lake taking in the breath-taking views and tranquil scenery over this majestic expanse of water. The sight of a full moon rising across the Lake is a treat you will never forget.


  • The Siavonga Tiger Challenge is a tiger fishing competition which takes place early December.
  • The Siavonga “Mosi” Canoe Challenge is an exciting canoeing event that takes place in June.
  • The Siavonga Power Boat and Jet Ski Challenge is an annual water sporting event.
  • The Rotary Club of Siavonga meets every Monday at 12.30 at Lake Kariba Inns. Any Rotary Club Member visiting Siavonga is very welcome to attend.
  • The Lwiindi Traditional Ceremony is an annual Tonga cultural ceremony to honour the spirits of the ancestors and to celebrate the onset of the rains. The Lwiindi Ceremony takes place in late November or early December.
  • In true Zambian tradition, social events include much laughter, music, food and beer and a good time is had by all.