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Lake Tanganyika is one of the most unique biological habitats on earth with almost 90% of the species occurring there found nowhere else. Its great age and stability have provided a means for evolution and adaptability to showcase Mother Nature’s extraordinary ability to utilise every available resource. Holding almost 1/6th of the entire available surface fresh water on earth and being the World’s longest and second deepest lake; Tanganyika is truly one of Nature’s greatest wonders.

Unfortunately like so many other natural systems, Lake Tanganyika and its surrounds are recognised as a biological wonder under threat. The loss of wildlife, fish life and habitats pose a grave threat to the biodiversity of the region and indeed the world. The communities living along the lakeshore are also affected by its decline and consequent loss of both their current livelihoods and the prospect of a future where both wildlife and humans can benefit from a healthier and sustainable Lake Tanganyika.

What we do

Conservation Lake Tanganyika (CLT) seeks to promote and preserve the biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika for the sustainable benefit for all its inhabitants through a partnership with the community and GRZ. Nsumbu National Park (NNP) and the immediate surrounds are identified as an area highly representative of the wider issues facing Lake Tanganyika as well as having the benefit of an established protected area and is the target area for CLT’s efforts. There is a high diversity of natural habitat including some 80kms of the lake shoreline and a highly productive aquatic zone for fisheries. Also within the area are several endangered ecotypes of vegetation, viable populations of large mammals such as elephant, buffalo and lion and a GMA famous for its Sitatunga, large herds of Eland, Roan and Sable.

Conservation Lake Tanganyika (CLT) is an organization created by concerned stakeholders who recognize the risk of the over-exploitation of the natural resource of Lake Tanganyika and the consequences this presents for the health of the system, and the future of the people who rely on the Lake for their livelihoods. CLT is a nonprofit limited guarantee company in Zambia and is managed by a board of directors and governed by a company constitution.


The protection of Nsumbu NP falls under the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) who CLT works closely with on an almost daily basis. Unfortunately ZAWA is unable to provide adequate resources towards protection of the NP and illegal poaching of wildlife and fish continues to be the major threat to the ecosystem and communities living here. CLT has identified this as being critical in the face of the regional poaching epidemic threatening Africa’s wildlife and especially the iconic species like elephants. By providing field rations and equipment for anti poaching operations, incentives for rangers and logistics like fuel and deployments on the terrestrial part of Nsumbu as well as on the waters of Lake Tanganyika, we are all that stand between a thriving and healthy national park and a wasted natural resource.

In addition to direct assistance towards resource protection CLT has an increasingly important role to play in community based natural resource management (CBNRM), ultimately the people of Zambia are the custodians of their land. By providing technical advice, capacity building exercises, assistance with Human Wildlife Interaction, educational materials and facilitation to local level organizations such as Village Acton Groups (VAGs) CLT is ensuring the conservation effort is a fully inclusive exercise and encourages all grassroots movements. The support from local communities has been overwhelming and gives hope to a better future for all the inhabitants of this astounding part of Africa.


CLT is dedicated to achieving its stated goal of preserving the biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika for all its inhabitants; but help is needed to make this a reality. We rely entirely on memberships and donations to keep the effort ongoing and every little bit helps. We are always in need of operational requirements like fuel, field rations and equipment, educational materials; and fundraising experience.


Our Swim for Nsumbu annual event in June and the CLT Golf day in August provide opportunities for getting directly involved in our efforts as well as providing a vehicle for sponsors and donors to gain exposure from their help.

Please visit our website for more information on what we do and how you can help!


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Conservation Lake Tanganyika

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