Zambia has introduced a new online visa service that will be available to all foreign nationals that require a visa to visit the country.

According to Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) Managing Director Felix Chaila, the new eVisas will simplify and speed up the processing of visas for people wishing to visit Zambia.

The Regional Manager of Red Savannah Africa, Albee Yeend, added:

“It is a great idea to be able to apply for visas online. Anything that speeds up the visa application process can only help encourage tourism to Zambia, so long as it is an efficient process”.

According to the Zambia Department of Immigration, the process involves downloading a form from their website, filling it out and returning it to the department with the required documents via email. The department is expected to respond after two days. Once the visa has been approved, a confirmation letter is sent to the applicant and the visa is available at the port of entry.

The move follows the implementation of similar online visa processes that have been introduced in recent years in other countries in the region and the subsequent positive impact on these countries’ tourism sectors.

Zambia is surely hoping that the new visas will help it reach its projected target of 1.2 million international visitor arrivals for 2014.

Mr Chaila went on to say: “I am told the Immigration Department has already started implementing the online visa application and we laud that move as tourism stakeholders.”