Park Entry Fees

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National Park
Citizens    (ZMW)
Residents/SADC Nationals ($)
International ($)
Self Drives (Residents/Non-Residents) (KR)
Categroy A:
South Luangwa 27.80/person/day 20/person/day 25/person/day 30/person/day
Lower Zambezi 27.80/person/day 20/person/day 25/person/day 30/person/day
North Luangwa 22.40/person/day 15/person/day 20/person/day 25/person/day
Mosi-oa-Tunya 16.80/person/day 5/person/day 10/person/day 15/person/day
Category B:
Category B Citizens    (ZMW) Residents/SADC Nationals ($) Non- Residents ($)
Kafue 22.40/person/day 15/person/day 20/person/day
Lochnivar 16.80/person/day 7/person/day 10/person/day
Nsumbu 16.80/person/day 7/person/day 10/person/day
Kasanka 16.80/person/day 7/person/day 10/person/day
Luambe 22.40/person/day 10/person/day 15/person/day
West Lunga 16.80/person/day 5/person/day 10/person/day
Blue Lagoon 16.80/person/day 5/person/day 10/person/day
Category C:
Other Parks 11.20/person/day K12.60/person/day 5/person/day
Category D:
School Parties 5.6/student/day K7/student/day 5/student/day


Aircraft Landing/Angling/Camping/Mooring/Vehicle Entry/Vessel Entry

Locally Registered (ZMW)
Foreign Registered ($)
Vehicle < 3 tones net wt 17/vehicle/day 15/vehicle/day
Vehicle > tones net wet 28/vehicle/day 30/vehicle/day
Vessel < 50 hp 17/vessel/day 15/vessel/day
Vessel > 50 hp 28/vessel/day 30/vessel/day
Aircraft 111.20/aircraft/day 50/aircraft/day
Mooring in National Park 28/vessel/day 30/vessel/day
Citizens/Residents (ZMW)
Non-Residents ($)
Boating 34.80/person/day 20/person/day
Canoeing/Rafting 28/person/day 20/person/day
Camping 21/person/day 5/person/day
Angling 21/person/day 30/person/day


Miscellaneous Fees

Citizens (K)
Established Residents (K)
Non-Resident ($)
Commercial Filming & Sound Recording
111.20/person/day 111.20/person/day 60/person/day
Commercial Painting 111.20/artist/week 111.20/artist/week 100/artist/week
Professional Hunting License 1,666.80/year 4,444.60/year 6,000/year
Apprentice Professional Hunting License 555.60/year 2,222.40/year 6,000/year
Professional Tour Guides License 222.40/year 2,222.40/year 6,000/year
Apprentice Professional Tour Guides License 222.40/year 1,666.80/year 2,000/year



    1. A day means the period from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours (6:00AM to 6:00 PM);
    2. A child under the age of five years shall not pay for entry into any National Park.  Children aged five years and above, but under thirteen years, shall pay 50% of the above rates;
    3. A Canoe trip shall consist of a maximum of 3 canoes (i.e. 2 clients’ canoe and 1 guide’s canoe);
    4. Aircraft Entry/Landing per day includes all the days the aircraft remains in the national park, Bird/Wildlife Sanctuary
    5. A school party, comprising citizens or established residents, composed of over ten children shall pay 28 fee units (K5.6) per citizen or $35per resident/SADCC Nationals and $5 per head for foreign visitors, for entry into any national park, bird or wildlife sanctuary.