FAQ for Listing on the website


-How do I list on your website?

a. You need to sign up and complete the forms

b. Once the form is complete you will receive an invoice from Africa-Insites. This is not automatic so please be patient, it will be sent to you.

c. Once payment has been made and received we will complete your page on the website

d. Once the page is live you will receive an email notifying you of your new listing.

-If I have more than one establishment how do I sign up?

Each establishment is a separate listing. You will need to sign up for each establishment separately.

-If I have more than one establishment listed how much will it cost?

Each establishment will have its own page and receive it own exposure. You will be charged for each establishment you add separately except if it is a free listing.

-Will you have other advertising opportunities?

Yes, we are working on a strategy so please send us a email and we will keep you posted once we finalize the strategy.

-Will you offer banner advertising on the home page?

There will be no option for banner advertising on the home page.

-How long will it take to set up my Full page listing?

Once you have paid and we have all the info it will take between 2-5 working days to have your listing live on the website.

-How can I pay?

You will be sent an invoice once you sign up to the pro accounts. The banking details will be present on the invoice as well as Paypal details.

-What if I do not have images, can I still sign up?

In order to keep a good representation of your establishment or operations we will require at least 1 image. 4 would be ideal and if possible a short video clip, but this is not essential.

-How can I change my details in the Full page listing?

You will need to send us an email stating your name and company. You will also need to clearly state the update that you require

-Why do I need to supply original content?

Duplicated content that already exist on another website is against Google guidelines, therefore we can't accept this content as we will be penalized for it. Please provide original content written specifically for the www.zambiatourism.com

-Looking for Promotional Zambia Images?

The photos on our website have been donated by various sources, as well as our listed clients. Therefore, we do not have copyright for these images, and are not allowed to further distribute these.

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