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Photographic Safaris

Quick Facts


My photographic workshops/private safaris are for individuals and small groups of all levels, limited to 6 photographers, to ensure maximum viewing and great photo opportunities and with plenty of room for your gear. We use 4×4 open top vehicles with flexible camera support systems.

Our small group size means quiet, intimate encounters with wildlife and clear access to great shots and you have my personalized photography guidance every step of the way.

About the company 

I live in South Luangwa all year round and have deep knowledge and experience on South Luangwa and the animals that live there throughout the different seasons when the rain transforms the dry landscape into a lush green with colourful birdlife and newly born wildlife.

By understanding and predicting animal behaviour, I can anticipate adequately and place the vehicle in the perfect position to get the best shot. By knowing the area, your success rate increases considerably. I will be available throughout your safari to share tips and knowledge on wildlife, photography, ranging from photographic techniques, the use of light and composition.

All in all, great fun, great pictures, great food, great safaris, great accommodation and never a dull moment all at an affordable rate.

What makes us Unique

I’m a professional safari guide and wildlife photographer having my own lodge, Track and Trail River Camp, to suit each and every individual with customized tailor-made safaris in South Luangwa. I’m Dutch but with a great command of English, Spanish and a fair amount of German.

My open vehicles are fitted with special camera support systems which accord you a 360-degree angle with great ease and comfort.


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