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A vibrant, premier car rental firm with an enthusiastic workforce which is dedicated to providing clients with a memorable car rental experience. Our motivation stems from the end result of adding value to our Clients lives. We do this by offering innovative transport solutions which really matter. We believe that getting by is crucial and this should be made easier, quicker and enjoyable.

With our vast experience and expertise in the industry, no vehicle rental problem is too big for City Drive not to resolve. Our vehicle rental solutions cover the following product ranges

Transit -Short-term car rental, suitable for business, travelling and visiting residents and others looking for short-term car rental. Vehicles available include sedans, 4by4s, minibuses and executive.

Adventure Camper-Fully equipped 4 by 4, suitable for tourists looking for an outdoor camping adventure. You can visit game reserves and national parks with our fully equipped 4by4s.

Lease it- Long term car rental, suitable for companies establishing operations in Zambia which opt to lease vehicles to save money as opposed to buying them. Funds saved can be used to invest in strategic assets. Vehicles available include sedans, 4×4’s and minibuses.

About the company

City Drive was established in October 2009. The focus of the company was to provide vehicle rental solutions which bring about a truly unique experience. From inception, the company has focused on building a value chain to achieve this goal. The company has since then grown to become a major player in the industry.

Whilst Majority of companies focus on profits and revenues as their primary goal, the primary focus of City Drive is on the client. We develop solutions for the client in order to help them achieve their goals. Such solutions are developed around a unique experience such that once clients make use of our solutions the result is a true value adding experience which they can only get from us.


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