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AfricanMecca Safaris offers every guest a personalized and authentic journey into the natural and cultural beauty of Zambia. Our commitment is to provide our travellers with exceptional service they deserve and need to have a spectacular experience. We highly recommend reading our customer testimonials and reaching out to some of our past travellers and travel agents who regularly use our Africa tour services.

About the company

AfricanMecca Safaris is a family-owned and operated speciality travel company. Our company name symbolizes our commitment to every guest – AfricanMecca Safaris is “The Complete Coming Together Of Africa’s Greatest Tourism Offerings From A Native Perspective.” Our commitment to our guests and the Africa experience has made AfricanMecca Safaris an award-winning company in the Africa travel trade.

Why Choose Us?

The AfricanMecca Safaris team represents a breadth of personal experience that we draw upon each time we create an individualized guest itinerary. With our hands-on comparative approach in Zambia, and elsewhere in Africa, we able to design our safaris in 3 market segments: upper, middle and value, which allows us to cater for a diverse set of travellers each with their own needs, tastes, budgets and styles.​


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