Watch the South Luangwa Live Webcams

But don’t fret! With it will come some exciting new camera features, and a surprise or three. Sign-up to our newsletter and we’ll notify you as soon as they’re back in action.

Webcam Live

Webcam Live


Happy Halloween! From Bob the Hippo



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14 responses to “Live Webcams”

    • Only the Mwamba camera has been taken down this year, but keep an eye out for some new developments coming your way very soon.

    • The webcams are down until May next year depending on when the rains subside.

      But don’t fret! With it will come some exciting new camera features, and a surprise or three. So, save the date and we’ll see you in 2018!

  1. Having spent 10 years in Zambia as a teenager, I love this! I have my entire office addicted to it , most of who are currently saving to go there for a trip!

  2. Hi Jess,
    Just realized – the camera at the hippo “pond” does have sound! You have to turn your speakers up high but there is sound – which is great! Now just to get sound on the other one 🙂

  3. Wonderful to sit in my office in the UK and take a break from drudgery to return to the Valley. Yesterday was especially lucky with a Leopard and later a young male Lion at Mwamba – fabulous.

    We’ve visited both hides where the web cams are placed so it feels like going home – say Hi to Patrick.

  4. Hi All

    The webcam at Mwamba’s Last Waterhole is back online! There was a terrible storm that hit Mwamba Bushcamp on Thursday, which affected the radio link. The technicians at Shenton Safaris have been working on it all this time, and the cams are finally back!

    Thank you for the patience and understanding.
    Happy viewing!

  5. Hi Jess
    Me too i l enjoy the webcam every day from Paris .
    i used to travel in southern africa never in Zambia but soon

    i do agree with Jennie and David sounds of the bush will be great .
    i am reading Secret of the Savannah that took place in Luangwa written by Marc and Delia
    Your webcam is my window to the magic africa from my office in France

  6. Just to say thanks so much for the superb webcams – they truly brighten my day!
    I lived in Zambia as a child and not a day goes when I don’t miss it!

    I’m keeping a tally of the animals I’ve seen – so far 11 different species by the watering hole. Recent excitement was a buffalo that nearly got stuck in the mud, a family of elephants with the Matriach standing guard and yesterday no less than 100 buffalo.

    Any chance do you think of a giraffe, rhino or big cat?

    I’d love to hear what other people have seen. Best wishes to all, David

    • Wow David. Those are some impressive numbers. We haven’t seen giraffe on the webcams as of yet – but interestingly, the Thornicroft’s giraffe occurs here in Luangwa and no where else in the world. Making the sighting of one here even more special.

      As far as the rhino go – there are currently none present in South Luangwa National Park, but lions have been spotted drinking at dawn and dusk. You just have to catch them early.

      We’ve also had some amazing wild dog sightings so far, even a lone elephant bull chasing off a thirsty pack.

      Thanks for the support – and stay tuned!

    • Hi David,
      I was so lucky the other day at around 5pm SA time I switched over and saw a family of wild dogs at the water – only ever seen them once at Kruger. I was so excited!! Saw 3 lions the other day as well – I wish there was sound and maybe also the facility of taking a snapshot to leave here so everyone can see sightings as well.
      Warm regards, Jennie

  7. Love watching the South Luangwa Live Webcams! I live in Cape Town, South Africa so this is a fabulous way of keeping touch with the bush! Would just be so much better if there was sound as well – is that not possible? Most of the other web-cams have sound and it just makes it so
    much nicer to also hear the sounds of the bush.

    • Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the webcams. The current cameras don’t have a sound function – but that’s a definite a consideration for the future.

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