Due to increasing controversy about the ethics of lion walks and certain other “animal encounter” activities and the practices of those offering them within the Victoria Falls area, will no longer be featuring such activities. is privately owned, funded and managed by and, neither of whom wish to support operators offering lion walks or similar animal encounter activities in light of recent allegations and criticisms that have come to light via a number of sources, from magazine articles to multiple testimonies from former volunteers at such “projects”.

We would recommend that anyone still considering booking lion walks or other similar animal encounters activities during their stay in the Victoria Falls area (including volunteering) first read Christopher Clark’s recent post on our news page here:

Walking with Lions: Con or Conservation?

Some of the following articles should also help prospective visitors to be aware of some the issues being raised:

Is Zimbabwe’s Lion Encounter a Misdirected Conservation Program?

Is Walking with Lions Good Conservation? Probably Not

Are African Lion Encounters Scamming the Public?

Or you can also have a look at the following websites and Facebook pages:

Volunteers to Africa Beware

The team here at will continue to investigate the controversies, criticisms and allegations surrounding certain companies, organisations and operators that offer lion walks and other similar activities in the Victoria Falls area, and will be posting our findings on our news page to shed more light on and encourage greater discussion about this topic. In the meantime, please feel free to share your own thoughts or experiences via our contact form  here

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