• Accommodation Type : Lodge
  • Area : Lower Zambezi
  • Months of Operation : March - November
  • Number of Rooms : 10
  • We offer : All inclusive accommodation and daily Safaris

Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience

Zambezi Grande is a premier lodge on the banks of the Zambezi River. Minutes away from the Lower Zambezi National Park,

The lodge has a contemporary colonial feel, with exotic African decor, facing the river.
Our deck is filled with beautiful accents of teal and turquoise, plush chairs and loungers with an incredible infinity pool, falling into the Zambezi River.

There are five Luxury Rooms, and five Superior Suites available.

Our Luxury Rooms are river-facing, with a a private terrace, en-suite bathroom, coffee and tea stations as well as a luxurious king-sized bed, which can be changed to twin beds.

Our Superior Suites feature a private patio, free-standing Victorian Bath, en-suite bathroom with an outdoor shower, lounging area and opulent king-sized bed.

Whether you are seeking to soothe an insatiable desire to explore or a romantic escape from daily life, the Zambezi Grande lodge has the perfect combination of all of these elements for a much needed break.

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About us

Two years ago, the founders of Zambezi Grande journeyed far into wildest Africa in search of exploration…

Being Safari enthusiasts, and the owners of Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience, having experienced some of the best Game Drives and wildlife South Africa has to offer – they needed something different. Something that they had never seen before.

With unbelievably diverse wildlife and plant life, as well as the promise of the untamed, they headed to Zambia to explore the secrets of the over 3,500 kilometre long Zambezi River.

Their time was spent travelling through the Lower Zambezi National Park and venturing up and down the mighty Zambezi River. The sightings on their journey were breath-taking.

Golden lion lazing on sand banks in the sun. Buffalo taking refuge in the shade of tall trees. Herds of elephant meandering through thickets, uprooting shrubs and getting a euphoric scratch on tree bark whilst on their way to the river. Leopard hiding in the treetops, with piercing green eyes that almost matched the foliage.

On the water, their dreams came into fruition, when hippos hovered metres away from the pontoons, spraying water from their nostrils, showcasing mammoth tusks. Crocodiles sulked in the distance, some lining the edge of the banks, and others drying out on islands in the river. Tiger fish lay beneath the waters, with enormous teeth, while docile bass cast great shadows as they swam below.

Palm trees lined the river, while colourful birds made their homes in sandbanks and turned the sunsets into something magical as the purples and oranges played on the waters.

After this experience, it was clear – Zambia had to be brought to the world.