• Accommodation Type : Camping/ Backpackers
  • Area : Plot 7A,Paseli Road,Northmead,Lusaka.
  • Months of Operation : All year around
  • Number of Rooms : 10
  • We offer : We have private rooms,shared rooms ,Bed spaces and camping area and we host both families and individuals alike,there is a small shopping mall just 2 minutes from our hostel,A.T.M's,a Bank and local market that has local curios ,so you can buy a souvenir for the special people in your life. We offer FREE Breakfast and FREE WiFI to for guests staying with us.

Paseli Backpackers

Paseli Backpackers offers Accommodation facilities and arranges Trips and Tours for Guests that are staying with us and plan to travel.

Paseli means “Back”,which goes to show the suitability of Backpacking with our hostel within the Heart of Lusaka,located in north mead 15 minutes away from the Inter city Bus Terminus.

About your Company

Paseli is the street name in which our Hostel lies in our local language(Nyanja) means “Back” and we saw it fit for a “Back” Packer, hence it was named after the street it is located on .

Backpackers was established on 5th June 2013, it was it’s location that helped create it so our clients would be within the reach of our surrounding attractions,Town centers and shops so they can take walks and enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Lusaka and it’s friendly people.


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