Elephant Back Trails


truly relaxing way to safari through the African bush atop the world’s largest land mammal, the African elephant. Enjoy this amazing experience as you ride the elephants with your mahout and guide who take you on a journey packed with interesting information about the gentle giants, as well as the bush around you, whilst taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.

There are different elephant herds that are used for elephant-back trails in the area around Victoria Falls and Livingstone. Many of these trails follow ancient game trails through spectacular wilderness areas and lush riverine scenery. Aside from getting clients closer to nature and showing them the incredible intelligence of the elephants, trail guides also aim to increase awareness of local elephant conservation initiatives and the important role these initiatives play in keeping these magnificent creatures safe for the future.

Most elephant rides last roughly an hour whilst total interaction time with the elephant is close to 3 hours. On the ride itself, there are good opportunities for viewing lots of other wildlife, including a wide variety of plains game and birdlife as well as hippos and crocodiles in the areas around the Zambezi River.


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Mukuni Big Five Safaris. Conveniently situated only 3 km from the Mighty Victoria Falls, Mukuni Big 5 Safaris is on the road to Chief Mukuni’s Palace. The road is an …

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